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  • [New] Under the new security partnership unveiled on Wednesday between Australia, Britain and the United States, known as AUKUS, Australia will build nuclear-powered submarines with U.S. and British technology.
  • [New] The Aukus agreement - which also includes the UK - will see Australia being given the technology to build nuclear-powered submarines as a way of countering China's influence in the contested South China Sea. BBC News
  • [New] The Port of Rotterdam Authority envisions a staged approach towards a renewable energy system, drawing on hydrogen, and solar geothermal and biomass sources. News
  • [New] Australia now plans to buy at least eight nuclear-powered submarines that will use technology from the US and Britain under a historic defence pact known as AUKUS. The Sydney Morning Herald
  • [New] Walsh points to Australia, which this week announced it will begin experimenting with allowing police in two of its largest states to use facial recognition technology to check if people in COVID-19 quarantine are remaining at home. 2021
  • [New] Frustrations spilled over on social media after Scottish ministers adopted the UK travel changes, including a simplification of the traffic light system, but said it had significant concerns about the public health risk of easing Covid tests. Daily Business
  • [New] The pact, known as Aukus, will see Australia being given the technology to build nuclear-powered submarines. BBC News
  • [New] Under the alliance christened with the acronym AUKUS, Australia will be the only country other than Britain to have access to US technology to build nuclear-powered submarines - which could deploy in contested waters where Beijing is assertively exerting its claims. Space War
  • [New] The AUKUS pact will see Australia build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for its navy, using technology provided by the US. RNZ
  • [New] Each hub will make use of Kempower technology for the first time in the UK, allowing for improved power distribution when chargers are in demand. Tech Digest
  • [New] SSTL's Lunar Pathfinder service will be available to all, enabling lower cost lunar science, technology demonstration and commercial exploration.
  • [New] Washington and London will jointly offer technological support to Canberra to build nuclear-powered submarines. Nikkei Asia
  • [New] A critical question for Australia will be what exactly the US and UK will ultimately deliver in terms of nuclear technology and at what price. The Strategist
  • [New] What seems beyond doubt is that the EU legislative process will work its way towards the first major regulation of AI systems globally, and that any company seeking to do business in or with the EU will have to comply. Global IP & Technology Law Blog
  • [New] Scotland's traffic light system for international travel is to be simplified and the number of countries from which returning travellers will be required to quarantine in a hotel is to be cut. STV News
  • [New] The United States could enhance its own focus more on how attack the vulnerabilities of adversary battle networks and command and control (C2) systems. Defense One
  • [New] Some 115,000 satellites are planned for launch over the next decade as new space entrants develop technology that will provide global internet to the far reaches of the Earth and imagery capability that aims to help mitigate the effects of climate change, among other feats. University of Chicago
  • [New] Working with the 5G Automotive Association partnership, one test will demonstrate a cellular 5G connection with the MEC platform, allowing localized systems to quickly make decisions at the point where data is collected. PR Newswire
  • [New] The UN high commissioner for human rights has called for a moratorium on AI systems that threaten human rights until governments can set up safeguards. IT Pro
  • [New] The UPI-PayNow linkage will enable users of each of the two fast payment systems to conduct instant, low-cost cross-border fund transfers on a reciprocal basis, without the need to join another payment system. FreshersLive

Last updated: 20 September 2021