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Our people : Mathew Maavak

I am a Malaysian consultant who specializes in Strategic Foresight & Planning; Defense and Security Analysis; Perception/Crisis Management; Propaganda and Psychological Warfare; Energy and Resource Geopolitics; Competitive Intelligence; Science, Technology and Innovation policies; and Media, Journalism and Communications.

I was an advisor/consultant to Malaysia' National Technology Foresight (NTF 2010) program and the National Nanotechnology Policy and Strategic Direction action plan.


1) MA in International Communications, University  of Leeds, United Kingdom, (Sept 2001- Sept 2002).

Professional  Brief:

Consultant  and advisor on a range of strategic issues, incorporating Foresight, Horizon  Scanning, Strategic Planning and Security (2007 to present).  I am currently co-designing  business/anticipatory intelligence models that could be deployed during a  renewed global economic slowdown, expected from H2 2013 onwards.

Previous  prominent assignments included:

1) Consultant  to Malaysia’s National Nanotechnology Strategic Direction, Roadmap and Policy (commissioned  by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) via PRIMA Asia Pacific  Consulting Sdn Bhd. (March 1 to May 30, 2012). Parliamentary approval expected  by Q4 2014.

2)  Consultant and Advisor to the Malaysia Industry-Government Group on High  Technology (MIGHT), an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department. I had:

*  Provided strategic inputs into the National Technology Foresight 2010 program  (NTF 2010, June 7, 2010 to Jan 7 2010). I was tasked to scope out emerging technologies;  assess local strengths; and explore international collaboration opportunities.

* Written  the first draft of a proposed National R&D Fund, including its organizational  structure, legal framework and modus operandi. I had also proposed revisions to  the national Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) to identify and promote local  human capital.

* Provided  Global Intelligence and Early Warning Reports for the Office of the National  Science Advisor.

* Played  a major role in the launch of MyForesight/MyFutures communications platform  (, journal etc) and the inaugural myForesight Interconnect  conference.

*  Single-handedly drew up a classified event prediction model (Malaysia and  Global) for the next 50 years on various subject matters (Economy, Society,  Geopolitics and Defence etc). Several predictions of mine were borne out i.e.  Arab Spring.

*  Proposed introducing foresight studies in schools and colleges. This was  implemented from late 2010.