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Please give us your view on how we are doing below. We want to raise our current 95%+ satisfaction rate still further. (Amazon comparator: 90% - 2016)

  • "Shaping Tomorrow was the first on a large scale to organize foresight practitioners worldwide onto one platform which is the equivalent of herding cats! Not only have they been successful in advising organizations with this collective foresight knowledge but they continue to evolve this collective knowledge in practical and pragmatic and innovative endeavors."
    Terry Collins, Integral Futures, USA
  • "The development of the consulting and management firm, Shaping Tomorrow stands out in the foresight and planning area as a unique opportunity for public and private sector companies, governments and similar organizations to look critically at their current and future directions in a rapidly changing world moved by the increasing access of ICT's globally."
  • "The process of future scanning and strategy development is very useful. I will take elements of the processes I learned over two days with Shaping Tomorrow back with me to my activities and work at Royal Holloway, it will definitely help me in the future."
    Stewart Boogert
  • "We had a very useful, virtual 3 day workshop with you; even historic, using your AI and our telepresence robots. A very impressive application of artificial intelligence to the process of scanning and strategic thinking."
    Peter Padbury, Policy Horizons Canada/ Government of Canada, Canada
  • "I’m a big fan of Shaping Tomorrow and the great newsletter and use it quite often for my work regarding the future of work and workplace learning. Keep up the good work!"
  • "The two-day workshop was extremely interesting and informative, in an area that I have had no prior experience. Your expertise has helped us to create a vision and develop values for a company, and has highlighted the important factors that we will need to discuss before we decide if we will go ahead with forming a company. It was very enjoyable, thanks Shaping Tomorrow!"
  • "I started with an aspiration but no real direction. Over the last couple of days, I know have a clear idea of what I should aim for and how I should go about achieving it. A lot of work was done over two days which was effective but it was also quite tiring."
  • "The workshop with Mike was very interesting and revealing. Although it was all at a rather higher level than I was expecting it got me to think about things that I wouldn't have considered before. It has made me realise that trying to put a successful business together requires a huge amount of preparation and isn't to be taken on lightly, and shouldn't be tried without a great deal of planning. The workshop was fun and definitely different."
  • "Excellent introduction to the technology. thanks"
    Stan Botchway
  • "The ZHAW Switzerland students have been blown away by the power of Shaping Tomorrow. I hope that their interest will lead to future engagement with the futures community."
    Keith Alexander, CFM, UK