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We are delighted to host private sites for the leading University, Colleges and Schools listed below to help teach their students foresight and to assist the faculty in futures research.  We also connect these organizations together in an effort to extend their influence and advance futures studies. Click here to join their conversation if eligible or contact us to join the colleges below using our service.

If you are a potential student interested in gaining accreditation in foresight and futures studies we encourage you to investigate all our partners have to offer in their courses by clicking their links.

Breda University of Applied Sciences
Haslam College of Business
Rotman (University of Toronto)
European Business School
University of New Brunswick
Islamic Science University of Malaysia
University of Houston
University of the Sunshine Coast
Huron University College @ Western University
Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame
Finland Futures Academy
Tokyo University of Technology
Nova School of Business & Economics
Sino-U.S. College, BITZH
Tamkang University
Nelson Mandela University
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Teach the Future
Caribbean Maritime University
Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel
Institute For Futures Studies In Health
Regent University
Oral Roberts University
Institute of Space Technology
Metafuture School